World Ai Show Dubai Speakers DR. Eesa Bastaki
He is the President of the University of Dubai and former CEO of the ICT Fund where he actively led the effort to create an eco-system in the UAE ICT industry, by encouraging entrepreneurship, funding R&D projects and University scholarships, and implementing ICT initiatives at the school level.

DR. Eesa Bastaki


University of Dubai


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Dr. Omar Hatamleh
Dr Omar is the Chief Advisor for Artificial Intelligence & Innovation at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Dr. Omar Hatamleh

Chief Advisor, Artificial Intelligence & Innovation,

NASA- Goddard Space Flight Center


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Dr. Ramadan Alblooshi
A senior Advisor to the Director General, Dr. Ramadan AlBlooshi is currently managing Public Health in DHA too. Prior to joining DHA, he was the Chief Regulatory Officer (CRO), Dubai Healthcare City Authority from 2014-2021. He heads Dubai Healthcare City Authority - Regulatory (DHCR).


Senior Advisor to the Director General,

Dubai Health Authority


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Salwa Al Blushi
Salwa has over 12 years of experience on Health Information Systems Management. Was the Head of Clinical, Ancillary and Integration sections at Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) and supervised the implementation of over 50 Health Information Systems.

Salwa Al Blushi

Head of Digital Standards
and Operations,



 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Salim Al-Shuaili
Dr. Salim has more than 20 years of experience in the domain of IT. He has won the Digital Transformation Inspiring Award at the global CIO Summit, 2022. He has worked on and led several projects related to e-Government, Digital Transformation, and Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Salim Al-Shuaili

Director, Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Technology,

Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Dr. Fatmah Baothman
Dr. Fatmah is a member of the global future council on the future of artificial intelligence by WEF, AI business development & innovation, technology strategist, AI advisor, consultant, and alumni roll of Honor-UK.

Dr. Fatmah Baothman

Board President,

AI Society

Saudi Arabia

 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Ali Abdulla
Ali has 19+ years of experience in the Information Technology Field as a Chief of Information Technology with mix-skilled in Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Digital Sustainability, and Cloud Transformation.

Ali Abdulla

Chief of Information Technology,

Ministry of Oil and Environment


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Fatmah Alabdouli

Fatmah Alabdouli

Director of Data Management & Statistics,

Ministry of Energy & Infrastrcture


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Francis
Francis is a seasoned IT Professional with a career span of 27 years starting from programming, quality assurance, to program management, architecture and infrastructure. His experience spans from supply chain and logistics to investment banking, luxury and franchise retail.


Chief Information Officer,

Damac Properties CO LLC


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Dr. Fethi Filali
Dr. Fethi Filali is a seasoned R&D executive and technologist with expertise in data sciences, AI, and IoT. As the Director of Technology and Research at QMIC, he has spearheaded various high-impact research projects in smart mobility, intelligent transportation systems, and smart cities.

dr. Fethi Filali


Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC)


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers JORDAN-SAVVIDES
A successful, highly skilled, and qualified CISO with an excellent track record of developing Cyber Security Strategies and delivering successful Cyber Security Programs globally across the U.K., U.A.E., Bahrain, Greece, and Cyprus. Excellent communication, coordination, and project management skills, developed through over 27 continuous years of extensive experience in IT, ITSec, InfoSec & CyberSec leadership positions in the Banking sector.


Executive Head of IT Security,

National Bank of Fujairah


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Suleiman Mohammad Aldabbas
Suleiman is a Chief Specialist - Digital Transformation, with over 16 years of proven track record of excellence, practices, and awards.

Suleiman Mohammad Aldabbas

Chief Specialist,

Dubai Government


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Sven Herzing
Sven is a consumer-focused engineering leader who functions as the Chief Technology Officer at talabat. Sven has built a team of over 280 engineers and developed several solutions for the food delivery industry.

Sven Herzing

Chief Technology Officer,



 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Stephen Kruger
Stephen Kruger has been with Careem since 2020; he brings his skillset in platform architecture, management, cloud security, solution architecture, and agile methodologies to lead the way forward and make the digital transformation happen.

Stephen Kruger

Chief Technology Officer,



 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Vineesha Satwani
Vineesha Satwani is the advisor of Digital Transformation to senior leadership with experience of developing digital strategies, running transformation programs, and implementing emerging tech like AI in MENA Government and Fortune 500 firms to achieve business goals.

Vineesha Satwani

Expert - Digitalization in public sector Womentech maker ambassador of UAE,

UAE Government


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Srinivasan Sampath
Sampath has more than 25+ years of experience in the banking industry. Specialized n creating business value, employee engagement and strengthening business relationships. He has delivered several large integration programs in multiple regions.

Srinivasan Sampath

Acting Chief Technology Officer,

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Robert Hahm
CEO of Mashreq Capital (DIFC) Limited and founder of AlgoradaTech Limited with more than 20 years of experience in capital markets.

Robert Hahm


Mashreq Capital (DIFC) Ltd


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Kostas Georgiadis
Kostas is a technical expert with over 17 years of experience in designing, developing and managing AI solutions. As Director of VoiceWeb's Conversational AI platform, he is responsible for designing and delivering exceptional customer experiences to end-users by leveraging AI and analyzing user behavior and demands.

Kostas Georgiadis

Director of Product,



 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Valeria Sandei
Sandei has received prestigious awards and was included among the top 100 Forbes Women in Italy 2021. In April 2023 she received the Excellence Key Award for her brilliant and visionary management of Almawave, recognizing her continuous and outstanding performance and innovative contributions.

Valeria Sandei


Almawave S.p.A


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Jad Khalife

Jad Khalife

SE Director,



 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Sonali Goila
Sonali is a full-cycle, multi-stage investor, operator and business-builder with over 15 years of experience across emerging markets (Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and India). She currently heads Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments for Panthera Capital , the investment arm of Fujairah Holding.

Sonali Goila

General Manager & Head of Investments,

Panthera Capital Investment


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Dr Christine Gulbranson
Dr. Christine Gulbranson is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and innovator. She is the CEO of U+ Nova, launching a novel index AI fund backing the best CVCs in AI utilizing proprietary analytics.

Dr. Christine Gulbranson


U+ Nova


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Aruna Raj
Aruna is a Data & Analytics leader, empowering data-driven innovations. She comes with more than 15 years of experience across Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment, Telecom, and Retail sector.

Aruna Raj

Head, Data & Analytics,

Emaar Properties


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Dr. Sid Ahmed Benraouane
A thought leader with experience in digital transformation, technology policy, and government innovation. He is a member expert of the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42 Artificial intelligence the committee tasked with the development of a set of ISO Standards on Artificial Intelligence, including ISO 42001 AI Management System

Dr. Sid Ahmed Benraouane

Innovation Advisor,

Dubai Government


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Anshuman Anand
Anshuman is the Chief Executive Officer of R&B brand (KSA), Vice President of Apparel Group and a member of the Forbes Business Council, with a history of growth, turnaround and market penetration in the Southeast Asian and EMEA sports/athleisurewear segments.

Anshuman Anand

CEO of R&B (KSA) and VP of Apparel Group,

Apparel Group


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Daniela-Rossi
Daniela is a strategic, creative, dynamic professional and startups enthusiast with more than 20 years of international experience in Retail, Buying, Merchandising, Category Management, Brand and Product Development. When not engaged in consultancy projects from Independent overseas clients or SMEs, you'll find Daniela hosting a new podcast episode for Unlimited, a podcast platform that she founded during the pandemic to promote entrepreneurship in Mena Region by giving voice and sharing the inspirational success stories.

daniela rossi

Founder and Managing Partner,



 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Ali Katkhada
Ali is a visionary and dynamic executive with a global success record and extensive international experience leveraging technology and innovations to drive cultural change and business transformation.

Ali Katkhada

Group CIO,

Depa United Group


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Jorge Sebastiao
A seasonedCTO, with experience inAI,Blockchain,CloudComputing,Cyber Security,Disaster Recovery, Bigdata,&managed services professionalfocused on business value.

Jorge Sebastiao



 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Moe Abeidat
Moe is a highly accomplished, innovative technology management senior executive with experience aligning global organizations with the key objective of achieving dramatic bottom-line results.

Moe Abeidat

Group Vice President of Technology (Executive Committee),

Aramex International


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Mhd Wail Khachfa
Mhd Wail is the Chief Information security Officer and Business Continuity Manager at the Department of Digital Ajman and has more than 20 years of experience in Information technology and cybersecurity.

Mhd Wail Khachfa

Chief Information Security Officer,

Department of Digital Ajman


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Paula Naoufal
Paula Naoufal has eight years of experience in Media and Communications. She has interviewed heads of states, government officials and CEOs. Her current role entails covering business news, conducting special interviews, and presenting shows and segments.

Paula Naoufal

Senior Reporter,

CNN business arabic


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Wael AbuRizq
Wael AbuRizq is an advisor in the field of AI & Advanced Analytics with over 12 years of hands-on experience on building end-to-end artificial intelligence products and strategies.

Wael AbuRizq

AI & Advanced Analytics Advisor,

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA)


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Abhinav Kumar
Abhinav is responsible for democratizing data consumption across organisation with cutting-edge data products building cross-functional data ecosystem, AI solutions, spanning marketing, Namshi app, supply chain, buying merchandise, fulfillment, operations, and loyalty.

Abhinav Kumar

Head of Data And AI,



 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Awad ElSidiq
Awad Ahmed Ali El-Sidiq is a award Winner of Best AI & Machine Learning use case Implementation for Energy and Utilities Sector 2022 and has proven records of architecting, orchestrating, and running enterprise IT Digital transformations programs.

Awad ElSidiq

Head of AI & Analytics,

ADNOC Distribution


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Soheyl Kadjani
Soheyl is an all-round strategic and entrepreneurial senior digital and technology leader with 28 years of executive & hands-on experience.

Soheyl Kadjani

Chief Digital Officer,

Rabo Bank


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Debbie Botha
Debbie has worked as an executive, consultant, and architect for 25 years on everything around system of insights, data management, data governance, data insights, data science, and artificial intelligence. Her experience spans across 4 continents and 10 industries.

Debbie Botha

Chief Partnership Officer,

Women in AI


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers May El Barachi
Dr. May El Barachi is Director of Computer Science & IT Programs at the University of Wollongong in Dubai. She is a Computer Scientist, and Smart Technology Expert with degrees in Telecom, Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science.

May El Barachi

Director of Computer Science and IT,

University of Wollongong in Dubai


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Jacob Mathew
Jacob is an executive Head of IT with more than 24 years of Middle East work experience in delivering innovative, high-quality, and responsive technology-based solutions.

Jacob Mathew

Head of IT,

Government of Abu Dhabi


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Vianney Mathonnet
Vianney has over a decade of proven experience in asset management, private equity, and venture capital in Africa. He was the Executive Director of an Africa-focused Single Family Office from 2016 where he led private equity M&As and the VC division. He is also an IC member of the Family Office.

Vianney Mathonnet


Modus Capital


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Simon Sharp
Simon has ten years of investment experience across venture capital and corporate finance. Before joining Global Ventures, Simon worked in the investment team at Committed Capital, a venture capital fund based in London which focused on early stage technology investments.

Simon Sharp


Global Ventures


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Gaurav Agrawal
Mr. Gaurav Agrawal represents the best in accelerating organizational and individual talent. He makes a difference in his community and in the lives of youth and organizations, both through his nonprofit work and through his businesses. He has over 25 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, innovator, and technologist.

Gaurav Agrawal

Founder & CEO,

Soothsayer Analytics


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Dr Adhari AlZaab
An assistant professor and a founder of a research group at Sultan Qaboos University, specializing in applying innovation and artificial intelligence in healthcare. She collaborates with multidisciplinary research teams to address healthcare challenges using emerging technologies.

Dr. Adhari AlZaab

Assistant professor,

Sultan Qaboos University


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers ANDREEA-DANILA
Founder of Global Millennial Capital, a data-driven and AI-enabled venture capital investor investing in deep tech in global markets. Andreea Danila is a senior private equity and venture capital executive in emerging markets. She is the founder of Global Millennial Capital, an award-winning venture capital fund in the Middle East.


Founder & General Partner,

Global Millennial Capital


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Valerie Hawley
Valerie is an Affiliate Founding Partner of True Global Ventures VC fund and Head of Corporate Partnerships at the Sorbonne Centre of Artificial Intelligence (SCAI) at La Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi.

Valerie Hawley

Affiliate Founding Partner,

True Global Ventures


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Alexander Kaplun

Alexander Kaplun


AIFB (AI For Business)


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Salim Essaid
Salim A. Essaid is Al-Monitor’s Gulf and business correspondent based in Dubai. He reports on, and moderates, topics exploring Middle East AI, fintech, sustainability, market trends, and innovation.

Salim Essaid

Gulf and business correspondent,



 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Marwa Al Shaibani
Marwa is responsible for designing and delivering capacity-building initiatives aimed at developing the skills of the country's workforce, with a special focus on the digital and artificial intelligence domains. Marwa is deeply committed to creating impact through her work, and her passion for making a difference.

Marwa Al Shaibani

Project Manager,

AI Office


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Paul Dawalibi
Paul "The Profit" Dawalibi is a technology entrepreneur, investor, futurist, and gamer, with over 20 years of venture capital and startup experience. Paul hosts Game Changers - the largest gaming and metaverse show in the region airing on CNBC Arabia.

Paul Dawalibi


Holodeck Ventures


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Vikram Tanna
Vikram Tanna is the CEO of Mzaalo (Eros Investments Group), an artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain powered global entertainment ecosystem where users earn rewards, brands advertise with trust and creators build economies.

Vikram Tanna


Mzaalo (Eros Investments Group)


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Amine Sabri
Amine Sabri is the Chief Financial Officer for Astra Tech. Amine successfully invested in and advised numerous start-ups (Blockchain, MetaFi, DEFI, DASP, AI) while also serving in various global organizations including JPM, Ernst & Young and Deloitte.

Amine Sabri

Chief Financial Officer,

Astra Tech


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Eng Suaad Al Shamsi
First UAE female aircraft engineer, holding PhD in aviation science, working in aviation industry 18 years and VP women in aviation organization ( Shehana ) found by HH sheikha mouza Al maktoum , one of Arab female researchers in aviation.

Dr. Eng Suaad AL Shamsi

Technical consultant,

L2L consultation


 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Aliriza Abdul Gafoor

Aliriza Abdul Gafoor

Founder, chairman, and CEO,

Aliriza Group

 World Ai Show Dubai Speakers Annas Labban
Anas Laban is a regional account manager at Darktrace, a Pioneer in AI, with more than 8 years experience working with the innovative AI technologies. previously co-founded and advised successful AI startups, and trained large organizations on how to successfully implement AI.

Anas Laban

Regional account manager,